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Tugas Perbedaan TOEFL dan TOEIC

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Difference of Toefl and toeic..
TOEIC represent abbreviation from Test of English for International Communication. This Test is designed to those who his mother tongue non English.. Assess TOEIC show how far the somebody able to communicate with others in English in era of this globalization. This Tes do not need special vocabulary or knowledge. this test only measure English-speaking ability used in everyday activity.
TOEFL is abbreviation of Test of English ace Foreign Language. In short that toefl is to know Your ability is English-speaking! Just modestly
Organizer of this TOEFL is a institute of nirlaba centering in New York there, that is ETS ( Educational Testing Vice). this organizer Toefl confess that this result tes is trusted more than 6,000 institution in 110 state. Their intention: follow this tes, because us have trustworthy. just May be Your is of ability Ianguage of Your english in place Your parent in law for example, but just free;useless yes but result of its test is non-recognition by one who oblige You tes for example your office.
This time divisible toefl become 2 form: internet-based and paper-based. His intention which is one us of ngerjainnya of in front of computer which incircuit internet, what is one again use paper and pencil 2B.
TOEFL, GRE, SAT And TOEIC represent product tes released by ETS ( Educational Testing Service) centering in ACE and have operated more than 40 year.
During the time the product test ability of English from most popular ETS in Indonesia is TOEFL ( Test of English of Ace of Foreign Language). But, the tes TOEFL is in fact designed for academic namely just the just for who is which wish to continue study to ACE and North America. During the time, circle of company in Indonesia even also follow to install score of TOEFL as conditions of employees.
use of Score of TOEFL for the world work really less be effective. Therefore, is later;then happened by tren from company meaning to recruit employees to change over to TOEIC ( Test of English for International Communication). TOEIC have been carried out by ETS of during 25 year in all the world " In Indonesia tes TOEIC start introduced in the year 1999," word of Julivan E. Rondonuwu from PT International Test Center, delegation of ETS in Indonesia.
TOEIC represent English-speaking tes membership for the people who its mother tongue non English. Tes TOEIC can measure English-speaking ability for the laboring individual in international environment in all day long his.
His values show how well one can communicate in English individually is other in berbisnis,dagang and industrial. This Test do not need special knowledge or the term which is not common such as those which there are in tes TOEFL.
Therefore, compared to by easier items tes TOEIC of tes TOEFL of because only represent tes of double helix of during 2 of clock which divided into the session listen and the session read.
Therefore tes TOEIC looked into compatible for employees or staff using English in his environment like business, hotel, hospital, restaurant, international meeting, have conference and athletic even. That way also the management staff, sales and employees of technique in international business, commerce and industry requiring English in their work.
Score of TOEIC started from number 400 till 990. There is six level namely level 0/0+ Novice ( score 10-250), level 1 Elementary ( score 255-400), level 1+ Intermediate ( score 405-600), level 2 Basic Working Proficiency ( score 605-780), level 2+ Advance of Working Profiency ( score 785-900) and level 3/3+ General Professional Proficiency ( score 905-990).
A ordinary employees candidate minimize have to own score TOEIC of equal to 400. For a while a minimum manager candidate have to own score TOEIC of equal to 800.
Somebody owning score of TOEIC 405-600 , for example, in listening able to understand clarification of related to everyday routine duty , understanding announcement of during on the way and after conversation of social limited. In the case of conversing able to explain responsibility of kerj adan of academic background and also do discussion of about project in the past and a period of coming. While in the case of reading still require dictionary to comprehend technique document. And last in the case of writing one who own level of that intermediate able to write short memo, letter complain and fill form of simple application.
A lot of institute or company asking for carrying out of TOEIC to recruit, promoting, or placing his employees. TOEIC also very be of benefit to job searcher or university grad which wish to equip their [LIMITED PARTNER, CV], also just the just for who is which wish to test ability communicate in English.
TOEIC And TOEFL designed for the purpose of different. TOEFL addressed for the student or student which wish to continue his study in United States and Canada. While TOEIC addressed for the man who his mother tongue non English and wish to show ability communicate in English in world work and take a hand in globalization.
But, there are some matter which require to be underlined. One of them is assessment TOEFL standard used by each unegual place. So that, cannot be made by a especial directive to equalize TOEFL of among the A with the B. Cause, it is possible that their ability is of equal, just to only mount regional assessment of test one otherly differ.
Therefore, now expand discourse of about TOEIC using compatibility of international standard. If beyond the sea, TOIEC have very popular. Its proof, from existing data, really this tes have been used by about 10.000 company in world. Possible, it is possible that because besides have international standard to, also TOEIC which is have been there since 1979. So that, higher levelnya even also compared to by TOEFL test.

Test Of English as a Foreign Language Test Of English as an International Communication
Target Evaluating English ability for the man who pursue academic education ( bursary). Evaluating English ability for the global workplace ( international).
especial usefulness for company. For the School / Program English, especially in area akademik.
other usefulness For the School / Program English, especially [in] business area. For Institution of higher level education.
Competitor Tes. Worker of international company , Vocational student / trade school of college and , Student in business band program English Student in English educational,Student needing Ianguage condition English , Applicant of at program of bursary and student transfer
Wearer Result of Test.
• Manager Training.
• Manager HR.
• Recruiter of Worker
• School program English.
• Program / English school.
• Director of program of toll of student and student transfer.
• student

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