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Cup of AFF in Indonesia

Cup of AFF 2010 which is carried out in Indonesia and Vietnam very hilarious, especially is in Indonesia felt by a little differing. That all is visible from enthusiastic of audience which drug of especial stadium of Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta each time Team of National of Indonesia contest, where Indonesia joined forces with by Malaysia, Thailand And Laos in phase of exclusion group.
In early from first contest versus Malaysia, audience which attend in stadium very enthusiastic, is not free useless Team of National of Indonesia win 5-1 for Malaysia. At second contest versus of Laos of where Indonesia very exeeding and finally able to punch Laos with score 6-0. At contest of is three Indonesia given on to by a difficult contest of versus Thailand representing giant of very South-East Asia in exeeding to can become champion of cup of AFF 2010, but if Thailand fail to defeat Indonesia hence Thailand will be got away from this AFF, differ from Indonesia ascertain x'self get away to semifinal act because always win contest, and just the just correctness Indonesia able to win 2-1 for Thailand and make Thailand discharged, a lot tell succes of the Indonesia because good game two player of naturalization that is Christian Gonzales and irfan bachdim.
At semifinal act of Indonesia face filiphina, where ought to be this semifinal through system home and away. But because filiphina don’t own competent stadium hence the cage filiphina party carrying over Jakarta, so that two semifinal party in performing in Jakarta. this semi final Party even also growing enthusiastic all audience to witness direct contest in stadium.
Even they ready to queue up from clock 05.00 morning to get ticket which in fact newly in opening at clock 10.00, even they ready to insist on - pressure to get ticket. And at two semifinal contest of versus filiphina, Indonesia able to defeat filiphina by aggregate 2-0, where goal in printing by Christian Gonzalez, and ascertain Indonesia get away to final party.
In Indonesia final party meet again by Malaysia is which surprisedly able to defeat defensive champion of Vietnam. At final fight which also use home and away, first contest of Indonesia have to play at bukit jalil Malaysia stadium. Fore all his supporter Malaysia able to defeat Indonesia with score 3-0, but to can defeat Indonesia Malaysia use various means of like using laser ray which is in instructing to kipper markus harisson, and that behavioral is Malaysia very is not sportsmanlike. At contest of final to two in enthusiastic Jakarta of audience return to increase, goodness of man and also woman of pressure each other to can look on party of final directly. audience in because love to Indonesia, game of good timnas, and also because attendance two player of naturalization of Irfan Bachdim and Christian Gonzalez party of second final of Indonesia of win 2-1 but fail champion of because failing aggregate 4-2, that make Indonesia in nicknaming as team of uncrowned champion.

Yours x'self one

I will always love my lovely
In life I only yours x'self One
I will always need you my lovely
Forever will never be changed.
I want to be last to you.
I want to be yours beautiful dream.
Love I am with yours liver.
Like I love you.
Love I am with yours love.
Like I love you.
I will be the last for you
And you will be the last for me

I wish Forever

Love is mystery in my life.
What have never confessed to know finally
But don't like my love at yours x'self.
Which must be fulfilled in story of my life.
I wish forever
Loving yours x'self.
Until my moment will close eyes and my life.
I wish forever in from other sideing you.
Love yours x'self until the time will call me
I hope endless in life I love happy you for me.
Because my love just to yours x'self.
Forever of the property remain to yours.

Minggu, 02 Januari 2011


o 350 g beef mill
o 1 onion bombai fruit
o 125 g gratin
o 1 sdm celery, chop up
o 1 sdm taste inggris
o ½ sdt salt
o 1 harsh sdm merica hitam,tumbuk
o ¼ sdt sand sugar
o 1 protein
o 50 g sago flour
o 150 g butter, to fry

o 75 g brokoli,rebus
o 75 sweet maize [of] pipil
o 100 g of potato fry
o 75 g mayonnaise, ready to buy
o 3 sdm saus chilli

Mix o [of] beef mill, celery chop up and the leek. Swirl to flatten.
o [Enter/Include] gratin, taste inggris, salt, black merica [of] refinement, sand sugar, protein and sago flour. Swirl till all substance mingled to [by] flatten
o Prepare ices plastic, including dough into trilateral plastic. Spraying dough into ices plastic. Compacting and fasten, jab - jab with needle. Steam matured till.
o Open plastic sausage, heating butter, fry till the chocolate and matured. Lift. Present with brocolli, potato fry, sweet maize, mayonnaise and saus chilli

Source : Kartini No. 2266

Humorous Story

When my SMA and my friend second is Ting - Ting And Othik is walk – road street use motorcyle and in a state of drizzle, so that walke - our road;street even also only a moment, then his tomorrow day is Denis ask to help to usher to place clean motor.
Then we even also look for place clean motorcycle, and we even also find it, without hackneyed of Tin-ting put his motorcycle in front of a father which is sprinkleing crop. last is we sit to await motorcycle in cleaning. after old enough. await Othik enquire to Mr. the :

Othik : Package motorcycle of why not yet in cleaning ?
Mr. : It is true I detergent motorcyle, my people is house ini,me owner again sprinkle crop kok, place clean motorcycle have moved.
We direct even also is laughedhear it and direct go because losing face...


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