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NAMA : Wahyu Kristianingrum
NPM :21208273
Text for number 1-3
This is my living room. There are many things in there. The fan is on the corner. Ashtray and the flower vase are on the table. The carpet is under the table. The sofa is next to the table. The curtain is beside the window. The picture is hanging on the wall.
1. A : Are there many things in the living room ?
B : ……, There are
a. No
b. Not
c. Yes
d. Does
Answer : C
2. A : Where is the fan ?
B : It is on the ….
a. Corner
b. Front
c. Table
d. Cupboard
Answer : A
3. A : What is next to the table ?
B : It is a……
a. Chair
b. Sofa
c. Fan
d. Picture
Answer : B
Text for number 4-6
Study About Number
Today is Tuesday. The third grade students has a mathematic lesson. Their teacher is Mr. Budiman. They will study about number now. They count the number front twenty to fifty. They also study about addition and subtraction. They ask their teacher to say the numbers. They must say it in front of the classroom one by one. All of the student interested in saying about numbers. They are happy because they can do the addition and subtraction.
4. What day is today ?
Today is ……
a. Thursday
b. Friday
c. Tuesday
d. Wednesday
Answer ; C
5. What will they study about ?
They will study about ……
a. Addition
b. Subtraction
c. Number
d. Numbers
Answer : C
6. Are the students happy saying the numbers ?
Yes , …………
a. They are
b. They will
c. They do
d. They is
Answer : A
Text for number 7-8
My name is dechriz. My house is number thirty seven. My grandfather’s house is number thirty nine. My uncle’s house is number thirty eight. My bicycle is number twenty seven. Now, I wear a t-shirt. It is number fourty five.
7. A : What is the writer’s name ?
B : He is …..
a. Dechriz
b. Dechriztyon
c. Dechriztyoni
d. Chrizde
Answer ; A
8. A :Is his house number Thirty Eight ?
B : No,………..
a. It is
b. It isn’t
c. This isn’t
d. This is
Answer : B
Text for number 9-10
This is chriz’s house. She lives with her family there. The meet the guest in the living room. The sleep in the bedroom. They take a bath in the bathroom. Yhey have meal in the diningroom. Her mother cooks in the kitchen.
9. A : Where are they sleeping ?
B : They are sleeping in the ……..
a. Kitchen
b. Garage
c. Bathroom
d. Bedroom
Answer : D
10. A : Is her mother cooking in the …. ?
B : Yes, she is
a. Garden
b. Garage
c. Kitchen
d. Yard
Answer ; C

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Tugas Toefel Bahasa Inggris

Nama : Wahyu Kristianingrum
NPM : 21208273
Kelas : 3EB06

1. “Will you come to the classroom ?”
“If you come, I …..”
a) done c) will
b) do d) are
Answer: c) will

2 “If you took the clothes to the car steam now, they….
a) have washed c) have been washed
b) has been washed d) would be washed
Answer: d) would be washed

3. “Your picture was very beautifull”
“ I could have done better. If I …more time.”
a) have had c) had has
b) had had d) will have had
Answer: b) had had

4. Tatang : “Are you sure that you’ll get the position ?
Titing : Unless my application …. I’ll get it
a) is rejected c) have rejected
b) rejected d) has rejected
Answer: a) is rejected

5. Rahmo : I’ve passed my written test in play Football club . What’s coming next ?
Beta : Next you …. by the manager.
a) will Dribbling c) will be Dribbling
b) will Dribble d) will have Dribble
Answer: c) will be Dribbling

6. Parjo : Why aren’t you driving your car today ?
Parno : ……
a) it’s repaired c) it will be repaired
b) it has been repaird d) it’s being repaired
Answer: d) it’s being repaired

7. The workshop is officially opened by the Governon at 14.00 am. The Campus :”….
a) good morning c) good afternoon
b) good evening d) good night
Answer: c) good afternoon

8. Tono meets Toni, his Young friend. At the circus.
Tono : Fancy meeting you here. How’s everything with you ?
Toni : …..., thanks.
a) I’m Ungry b) I’m fine c) I’m dissapointed d) I’m very hungry
Answer: b) I’m fine

9. Tata wants to introduce Faiz to her brother.
Tata: Faiz, this my brother, Anto. And Anto this is Faiz.
Anto to Faiz: ….
a) Hi, nice to make you c) Hi, nice to meet you to
b) Hi, I’m fine d) I don’t like
Answer: c) Hi, nice to meet you

10. Dono: May I wish a cup of Tea
Dona: Okay, I will get two to you
Dono: Thank you.
Dona : …..
a) Thank You c) no, I don’t
b) You’re welcome d) Fine
Answer: b) you’re welcome

11. Porter : Ticket, please
Uta : Here you are two for three
Porter : How old is your son ?
Uta : one years
Porter : Okay, actually it’s half-rate for children under five
Uta : Thank you ….
Porter : Don’t mention it.
The correct sentence for above conversation is…..
a) No thanks c) Thank you
b) No body d) You’re Thank you
Answer: c) Thank you

12. Michel : May I help you ?
Roy : Yes, may I give tissue
Michel : Ok, don’t worry
Roy : ……
The correct sentence for above conversation is …..
a) I think so c) don’t worry
b) I don’t know d) thank you
Answer: d) thank you

13. Rina : I don’t see your mother yesterday ?
Nani : Yes, She was sick become he live at home
Rina : …..
a) I must apologize for what I said c) don’t like
b) oh yes d) you’re welcome
Answer: a) I must apologize for what I said

14. Toto : …… Where there a Market ?
Lani : At the corner way
The correct sentence for above conversation is …..
a) I have c) Excuse me
b) I has d) Can you ready
Answer: c) Excuse me

15.The synonym “man” is ?
a) boy
c) children
b) uncle
d) sister
Answer: a) boy

1. Ade went to Bogor tomorrow. (simple past tense)
Answer : d) tomorrow = yesterday

2. I gone to library yesterday ( Simple present tense)
Answer : a) gone = go

3. you I help you ?
Answer: d) you = me

4. We has been playing Football for three years (present perfect continuous tense)
Answer : a) has been = have been

5. He have drawing picture (present perfect tense)
Answer : b) have = has

6. He went come if you ask him (Future Tense)
Answer : b) went = will

7. The Adlys had been live in Jakarta ( Past Perfect Continuous tense )
Answer : c) lived = living

8. Next Agustus, Ruly will have graduating from Campus ( Future Perfect Tense)
Answer : d) graduating = graduated

9. I am go to watch the news. (future tense)
Answer : b) go = going

10. Yesterday Lina had had breakfast, she went to Govermant
Answer : a) Yesterday = before


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